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New Books at Pelletier

Cover Art
Are We There Yet? - Dan Santat (Illustrator)
Call Number: 027.6 Sa585 ar
ISBN: 9780316199995
Publication Date: 2016-04-12

Cover Art
Consciousness and Moral Responsibility - Neil Levy
Call Number: 128.2 L579 c
ISBN: 9780198704638
Publication Date: 2014-05-06

Cover Art
The Age of Scientific Sexism - Mari Ruti
Call Number: 155.33 R935 a
ISBN: 9781628923797
Publication Date: 2015-07-30

Cover Art
Clothing - Michele Saracino
Call Number: 241.674 Sa71 c
ISBN: 9780800699062
Publication Date: 2012-07-01

Cover Art
The Francis Effect - John Gehring
Call Number: 282.09 G274 f
ISBN: 9781442243200
Publication Date: 2015-08-13

Cover Art
The Happiness Illusion - Luke Hockley (Editor); Nadi Fadina (Editor)
Call Number: 302.23 H211 h
ISBN: 9780415728706
Publication Date: 2015-07-02

Cover Art
Men of the World - Jeff R. Hearn
Call Number: 305.31 H351 me
ISBN: 9781446207178
Publication Date: 2015-08-28

Cover Art
Feminist Theory - Bell Hooks
Call Number: 305.42 H764 f
ISBN: 0896082229
Publication Date: 1984-10-01

Cover Art
Beneath the Surface of White Supremacy - Moon-Kie Jung
Call Number: 305.8 J954 b
ISBN: 9780804789387
Publication Date: 2015-05-06

Cover Art
The Ashgate Research Companion to Black Sociology - Earl Wright (Editor); Edward V. Wall
Call Number: 305.896 W931 a
ISBN: 9781472456762
Publication Date: 2015-09-03

Cover Art
Before Stonewall - Vern L. Bullough; John P. Dececco
Call Number: 305.906 B393 b
ISBN: 9781560231929
Publication Date: 2002-11-21

Cover Art
Graffiti in Antiquity - Peter Keegan
Call Number: 306.4 K244 g
ISBN: 9781844656073
Publication Date: 2015-02-11

Cover Art
Conjuring Science - Christopher P. Toumey
Call Number: 306.45 T644 c
ISBN: 9780813522852
Publication Date: 1996-08-01

Cover Art
The Gay Revolution - Lillian Faderman
Call Number: 306.766 F123 g
ISBN: 9781451694116
Publication Date: 2015-09-08

Cover Art
Persistence - Ivan E. Coyote (Editor); Zena Sharman (Editor)
Call Number: 306.766 P431 c
ISBN: 9781551523972
Publication Date: 2011-05-03

Cover Art
Queerly Classed - Susan Raffo (Editor)
Call Number: 306.766 Qu315 r
ISBN: 9780896085626
Publication Date: 1999-07-01

Cover Art
The City - Andrew Lees
Call Number: 307.76 L518 cit
ISBN: 9780199859542
Publication Date: 2015-10-07

Cover Art
After Nature - Jedediah Purdy
Call Number: 320.58 P972 a
ISBN: 9780674368224
Publication Date: 2015-09-01

Cover Art
Mobile Europe - Ettore Recchi
Call Number: 323.44 R243 m
ISBN: 9780230274471
Publication Date: 2015-03-10

Cover Art
Building Blocs - Cedric de Leon (Editor); Manali Desai (Editor); Cihan Tugal (Editor)
Call Number: 324.2 B8678 L
ISBN: 9780804793902
Publication Date: 2015-05-27

Cover Art
Out of Poverty - Benjamin Powell
Call Number: 331.256 P871 o
ISBN: 9781107688933
Publication Date: 2014-03-10

Cover Art
Work and Family - Laura Chioda; Roberto Garcia Verdú
Call Number: 331.4098 C442 w
ISBN: 9780821384855
Publication Date: 2016-05-19

Cover Art
Skills of the Unskilled - Jacqueline Hagan; Rubén Hernández-León; Jean-Luc Demonsant
Call Number: 331.544 H12 s
ISBN: 9780520283725
Publication Date: 2015-03-17

Cover Art
Bananeras - Dana Frank
Call Number: 331.88 F851 b
ISBN: 9781608465354
Publication Date: 2016-03-01

Cover Art
Commodity Markets and the Global Economy - Blake C. Clayton
Call Number: 332.644 C579 c
ISBN: 9781107616929
Publication Date: 2015-10-14

Cover Art
The Polar Regions - Adrian Howkins
Call Number: 333.7 H842 p
ISBN: 9780745670805
Publication Date: 2015-11-23

Cover Art
Energy Revolution - Mara Prentiss
Call Number: 333.7932 P919 e
ISBN: 9780674725027
Publication Date: 2015-02-10

Cover Art
Industrial Policy and Economic Transformation in Africa - Akbar Noman; Joseph E. Stiglitz
Call Number: 338.96 In2 n
ISBN: 9780231175180
Publication Date: 2015-09-15

Cover Art
Presidential Power - Brian M. Harward
Call Number: 352.23 P926 h
ISBN: 9781610698290
Publication Date: 2016-03-07

Cover Art
Beyond the Band of Brothers - Megan MacKenzie
Call Number: 355.0082 M199 b
ISBN: 9781107628106
Publication Date: 2015-06-17

Cover Art
The American Warfare State - Rebecca U. Thorpe
Call Number: 355.0213 T398 a
ISBN: 9780226124070
Publication Date: 2014-04-16

Cover Art
Population Wars - Greg Graffin; Caroline Greeven
Call Number: 355.027 G758 p
ISBN: 9781250017628
Publication Date: 2015-09-15

Cover Art
Managing Global Health Security - Adam Kamradt-Scott
Call Number: 362.1 K129 m
ISBN: 9780230369313
Publication Date: 2015-05-05

Cover Art
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Health Inequalities - Julie Fish (Editor); Kate Karban (Editor)
Call Number: 362.1086 L563 f
ISBN: 9781447309680
Publication Date: 2015-05-15

Cover Art
Citizenship and Mental Health - Michael Rowe
Call Number: 362.1968 R792 c
ISBN: 9780199355389
Publication Date: 2015-01-26

Cover Art
Cancer in Two Voices - Sandra Butler; Barbara Rosenblum
Call Number: 362.1969 B978 ca
ISBN: 9781883523169
Publication Date: 1996-10-01

Cover Art
Beyond Words - Carl Safina
Call Number: 591.56 Sa17 b
ISBN: 9780805098884
Publication Date: 2015-07-14

Cover Art
Dance Science - Gayanne Grossman
Call Number: 612.044 G914 d
ISBN: 9780871273888
Publication Date: 2015-07-15

Cover Art
Prozac as a Way of Life - Carl Elliott (Editor); Tod Chambers (Editor)
Call Number: 616.8527 P949 e
ISBN: 9780807828809
Publication Date: 2004-09-27

Cover Art
Crucial Interventions - Richard Barnett; Wellcome Collection Staff; Lindsey Fitzharris
Call Number: 617 B264 c
ISBN: 9780500518106
Publication Date: 2015-11-23

Cover Art
The New Vegetable Growers Handbook - Frank Tozer
Call Number: 635.0484 T669 n
ISBN: 9780977348992
Publication Date: 2013-09-01

Cover Art
Colliding Worlds - Arthur I. Miller
Call Number: 700.105 M612 c
ISBN: 9780393083361
Publication Date: 2014-06-16

Cover Art
The Caped Crusade - Glen Weldon
Call Number: 741.59 W457 c
ISBN: 9781476756691
Publication Date: 2016-03-22

Cover Art
The Comic Offense from Vaudeville to Contemporary Comedy - Rick DesRochers
Call Number: 792.7 D47 c
ISBN: 9781441160874
Publication Date: 2014-07-31

Cover Art
The Healing - Gayl Jones; Helene Atwan (Editor)
Call Number: 813 J716 h
ISBN: 0807063142
Publication Date: 1998-01-26

Cover Art
The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell - William Klaber
Call Number: 813 K661 r
ISBN: 9781250061874
Publication Date: 2015-02-17

Cover Art
Virtuous Necessity - Jessica Murphy
Call Number: 820.9 M954 v
ISBN: 9780472119578
Publication Date: 2015-08-25

Cover Art
Delta Jewels - Alysia Burton Steele
Call Number: 920.72 St32 d
ISBN: 9781455562848
Publication Date: 2015-04-07

Cover Art
The Cowshed - Ji Xianlin; Chenxing Jiang (Translator); Zha Jianying (Introduction by)
Call Number: 951.05 J569 c
ISBN: 9781590179260
Publication Date: 2016-01-26

Cover Art
White Sports/Black Sports - Lori Latrice Martin
Call Number: 796.089 M364 w
ISBN: 9781440800535
Publication Date: 2015-02-01

Cover Art
Before the Oath - Martha Joynt Kumar
Call Number: 973.931 K96 b
ISBN: 9781421416595
Publication Date: 2015-05-29

Cover Art
Putin's Kleptocracy - Karen Dawisha
Call Number: 947.086 D322 p
ISBN: 9781476795195
Publication Date: 2014-09-30

Cover Art
Reclaiming Accountability - Heidi Kitrosser
Call Number: 342.73066 K649 r
ISBN: 9780226191638
Publication Date: 2015-01-06

Cover Art
The Future of Healthcare Reform in the United States - Michael H. Schill; Anup Malani
Call Number: 362.10425 F989 m
ISBN: 9780226254951
Publication Date: 2015-10-15

Cover Art
Reporting the Cuban Revolution - Leonard Ray Teel
Call Number: 972.91064 T229 r
ISBN: 9780807160923
Publication Date: 2015-12-16

Cover Art
American Emancipation - William A. Link (Editor); James J. Broomall (Editor)
Call Number: 305.869073 R314 L
ISBN: 9781107421349
Publication Date: 2015-11-12

Cover Art
Presence - Amy Cuddy
Call Number: 158.1 C893 p
ISBN: 9780316256575
Publication Date: 2015-12-22

Cover Art
Waking Up - Sam Harris
Call Number: 211.8 H243 w
ISBN: 9781451636017
Publication Date: 2014-09-09

Cover Art
Living Black - Mark S. Fleisher
Call Number: 305.896073 F628 L
ISBN: 9780299305345
Publication Date: 2015-11-24

Cover Art
Unstoppable - Bill Nye; Corey S. Powell (Editor)
Call Number: 363.7387 N982 u
ISBN: 9781250007148
Publication Date: 2015-11-10


New Books at Pelletier

Cover Art
Restless Empire - Ian Barnes; Dominic Lieven
Call Number: f911.47 B262 r
ISBN: 9780674504677
Publication Date: 2015-05-11

Cover Art
Wired to Create - Scott Barry Kaufman; Carolyn Gregoire
Call Number: 153.35 K162 w
ISBN: 9780399174100
Publication Date: 2015-12-29

Cover Art
Ferguson and Faith - Leah Gunning Francis
Call Number: 303.484 F847 f
ISBN: 9780827211056
Publication Date: 2015-08-04

Cover Art
Immigrant Networks and Social Capital - Carl L. Bankston
Call Number: 304.873 B226 i
ISBN: 9780745662374
Publication Date: 2014-06-03

Cover Art
Feminism and the Body - Londa Schiebinger (Editor)
Call Number: 305.4201 Sch32 f
ISBN: 9780198731917
Publication Date: 2000-08-24

Cover Art
Carbon Capitalism - Tim Di Muzio
Call Number: 333.79 D599 c
ISBN: 9781783480982
Publication Date: 2015-08-31

Cover Art
Out of Sight - Erik Loomis
Call Number: 338.6 L873 o
ISBN: 9781620970089
Publication Date: 2015-06-02

Cover Art
Doctors at the Borders - Michael C. LeMay
Call Number: 362.1969 L514 d
ISBN: 9781440840241
Publication Date: 2015-07-29

Cover Art
Three Decades of HIV/AIDS in Asia - Jai P. Narain (Editor)
Call Number: 362.1969 T413 n
ISBN: 9788132109075
Publication Date: 2012-10-18

Cover Art
Blaming the Poor - Susan D. Greenbaum
Call Number: 362.5 G829 b
ISBN: 9780813574141
Publication Date: 2015-07-01

Cover Art
Children of Katrina - Alice Fothergill; Lori Peek
Call Number: 363.34 F82 c
ISBN: 9781477303894
Publication Date: 2015-09-01

Cover Art
Environmental Policy - Norman J. Vig; Michael E. Kraft
Call Number: 363.7 En89 vh
ISBN: 9781483352589
Publication Date: 2016-01-01

Cover Art
Intersectionality and Criminology - Hillary Potter
Call Number: 364.01 P852 i
ISBN: 9780415634397
Publication Date: 2015-05-21

Cover Art
Ghettoside - Jill Leovy
Call Number: 364.1523 L555 g
ISBN: 9780385529983
Publication Date: 2015-01-27

Cover Art
Big-City School Reforms - Michael Fullan; Alan Boyle
Call Number: 370.91 F957 b
ISBN: 9780807755181
Publication Date: 2014-03-15

Cover Art
The Allure of Order - Jal Mehta
Call Number: 371.01 M474 a
ISBN: 9780190231453
Publication Date: 2015-04-01

Cover Art
The Little Rock Crisis - Ravi K. Perry; D. LaRouth Perry
Call Number: 371.829 P429 L
ISBN: 9781137410993
Publication Date: 2015-05-06

Cover Art
Despite the Best Intentions - John B. Diamond; Amanda E. Lewis
Call Number: 379.26 D541 d
ISBN: 9780195342727
Publication Date: 2015-09-02

Cover Art
Food Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa - Fran Osseo-Asare
Call Number: 394.12 Os7 f
ISBN: 9780313324888
Publication Date: 2005-06-01

Cover Art
Understanding Evolution - Kostas Kampourakis
Call Number: 576.8 K129 u
ISBN: 9781107610200
Publication Date: 2014-04-03

Cover Art
Antioxidants in Health and Disease - Antonis Zampelas (Editor); Eirini Micha (Editor)
Call Number: 613.2 An87 z
ISBN: 9781466580039
Publication Date: 2015-06-09

Cover Art
War Epidemics - Matthew Smallman-Raynor; Andrew Cliff
Call Number: 614.49 Sm18 w
ISBN: 9780198233640
Publication Date: 2004-08-26

Cover Art
What Disease Was Plague? - Ole Benedictow
Call Number: 614.573 B434 w
ISBN: 9789004180024
Publication Date: 2011-01-07

Cover Art
Death Before Dying - Gary Belkin
Call Number: 616.078 B412 d
ISBN: 9780199898176
Publication Date: 2014-02-26

Cover Art
Bioshelter Market Garden - Darrell Frey
Call Number: 631.58 F897 b
ISBN: 9780865716780
Publication Date: 2011-02-01

Cover Art
A Golden Weed - Drew A. Swanson
Call Number: 633.71 Sw24 g
ISBN: 9780300191165
Publication Date: 2014-08-12

Cover Art
Market Farming Success - Lynn Byczynski
Call Number: 635 B991 m
ISBN: 9781603583862
Publication Date: 2013-09-30

Cover Art
Indians Playing Indian - Monika Siebert
Call Number: 704.0397 Si15 i
ISBN: 9780817318550
Publication Date: 2015-02-27

Cover Art
Art of Renaissance Venice, 1400-1600 - Loren W. Partridge
Call Number: 709.45 P258 av
ISBN: 9780520281790
Publication Date: 2015-03-14

Cover Art
A + E 4ever - Ilike Merey (Illustrator)
Call Number: 741.5973 M541 a
ISBN: 9781590213902
Publication Date: 2011-09-01

Cover Art
Strong Women, Deep Closets - Patricia J. Griffin; Donna A. Lopiano (Foreword by)
Call Number: 796.086 G875 s
ISBN: 9780880117296
Publication Date: 1998-02-04

Cover Art
Loving God's Wildness - Jeffrey Bilbro
Call Number: 810.9355 B49 L
ISBN: 9780817318574
Publication Date: 2015-04-30

Cover Art
The Other Man Was Me - Rafael Campo
Call Number: 811 C157 o
ISBN: 9781558851207
Publication Date: 1994-07-01

Cover Art
Last Rights - Marvin K. White
Call Number: 811 W584 L
ISBN: 9781555835101
Publication Date: 1999-04-01

A Home at the End of the World - Michael Cunningham
Call Number: 813 C917 ho
ISBN: 9780374172503
Publication Date: 1990-11-07

Cover Art
The Gods of Tango - Carolina De Robertis
Call Number: 813 D447 g
ISBN: 9781101874493
Publication Date: 2015-07-07

Cover Art
Fates and Furies - Lauren Groff
Call Number: 813 G893 f
ISBN: 9781594634475
Publication Date: 2015-09-15

Cover Art
Lesbians and Bisexual Fiction Writers - Harold Bloom (Editor)
Call Number: 813 L563 b
ISBN: 9780791044780
Publication Date: 1997-04-01

Cover Art
Mr. Dalloway - Robin Lippincott
Call Number: 813 L666 m
ISBN: 9781889330297
Publication Date: 1999-07-01

Cover Art
Light in the Dark/Luz en lo Oscuro - Gloria E. Anzaldua; AnaLouise Louise Keating (Editor)
Call Number: 818 An98 L
ISBN: 9780822359777
Publication Date: 2015-10-02

Cover Art
Brother to Brother - Essex Hemphill (Editor)
Call Number: 818.08 B795 h
ISBN: 9781555831462
Publication Date: 1991-03-01

Cover Art
Life after Life - Kate Atkinson
Call Number: 823 At55 L
ISBN: 9780316176484
Publication Date: 2013-04-02

Cover Art
The Annotated Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë; Janet Gezari (Editor)
Call Number: 823 B789 Wa
ISBN: 9780674724693
Publication Date: 2014-10-20

Cover Art
Arvida - Samuel Archibald
Call Number: 843.92 Ar25 a
ISBN: 9781771960427
Publication Date: 2015-12-01

Cover Art
The Story of a New Name - Elena Ferrante; Ann Goldstein (Translator)
Call Number: 853.92 F411 st
ISBN: 9781609451349
Publication Date: 2013-09-03

Cover Art
The Old Man Who Read Love Stories - Luis Sepulveda; Peter Bush (Translator)
Call Number: 863 Se63 o
ISBN: 9780151685509
Publication Date: 1994-03-01

Cover Art
The Dove's Necklace - Raja Alem; Katherine Halls (Translator); Adam Talib (Translator)
Call Number: 892.73 AL45 t
ISBN: 9781590208984
Publication Date: 2016-05-03

Cover Art
An Historical Atlas of Tibet - Karl E. Ryavec
Call Number: 911.515 R959 h
ISBN: 9780226732442
Publication Date: 2015-05-08

Cover Art
Forgotten - Linda Hervieux
Call Number: 940.54 H446 f
ISBN: 9780062313799
Publication Date: 2015-10-27

Cover Art
Seven Ages of Paris - Alistair Horne
Call Number: 944.36 H783 s
ISBN: 9781400034468
Publication Date: 2004-04-13

Cover Art
Republican Lens - Joan Judge
Call Number: 951.04 J894 r
ISBN: 9780520284364
Publication Date: 2015-07-21

Cover Art
A Concise History of Japan - Brett L. Walker
Call Number: 952 W151 co
ISBN: 9780521178723
Publication Date: 2015-02-26

Cover Art
Fugitive Denim - Rachel Louise Snyder
Call Number: 382.45687 Sn92 f
ISBN: 9780393061802
Publication Date: 2007-12-17

Cover Art
Gay Directors, Gay Films? - Emanuel Levy
Call Number: 791.43653 L579 g
ISBN: 9780231152761
Publication Date: 2015-08-25

Cover Art
Haydée Santamaría, Cuban Revolutionary - Margaret Randall
Call Number: 972.91063 Sa59 r
ISBN: 9780822359425
Publication Date: 2015-08-14

Cover Art
Engaging Feminism - Mary Wyer (Editor); Jean F. O'Barr (Editor)
Call Number: 305.420973 Ob1 e
ISBN: 9780813913872
Publication Date: 1992-05-01

Cover Art
Islam and the Future of Tolerance - Sam Harris; Maajid Nawaz
Call Number: 297.2 H243 i
ISBN: 9780674088702
Publication Date: 2015-10-06

Cover Art
The Only Woman in the Room - Eileen Polllack
Call Number: 305.420973 P76 o
ISBN: 9780807046579
Publication Date: 2015-09-15

Cover Art
Avenue of Mysteries - John Irving
Call Number: 813 Ir8 a
ISBN: 9781451664164
Publication Date: 2015-11-03

Cover Art
Toward a New Dimension - Anne Marcovich; Terry Shinn
Call Number: 620.5 M333 t
ISBN: 9780198714613
Publication Date: 2014-10-28

Cover Art
Modern Romance - Aziz Ansari; Eric Klinenberg
Call Number: 306.7 An81 m
ISBN: 9781594206276
Publication Date: 2015-06-16

Cover Art
Color Stories - JeffriAnne Wilder
Call Number: 305.48896 W645 c
ISBN: 9781440831096
Publication Date: 2015-10-31

Cover Art
Iran-Contra - Malcolm Byrne
Call Number: 973.927 B996 i
ISBN: 9780700619917
Publication Date: 2014-09-15

Cover Art
Pagans and Philosophers - John Marenbon
Call Number: 261.2 M334 p
ISBN: 9780691142555
Publication Date: 2015-03-22

Cover Art
Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights - Salman Rushdie
Call Number: 823 R895 t
ISBN: 9780812998917
Publication Date: 2015-09-08

Cover Art
Evicted - Matthew Desmond
Call Number: 339.46 D465 e
ISBN: 9780553447439
Publication Date: 2016-03-01

Cover Art
Damn Yankees! - George C. Rable
Call Number: 973.713 R113 d
ISBN: 9780807160589
Publication Date: 2015-11-18

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