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FS 101: Culture, Education, and Transformation  

Fall 2012
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Course Basics

FS 101: Culture, Education, and Transformation

Professor: Eleanor Weisman

Librarian: Cynthia Burton, x2982


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Sample Subject Headings

Early childhood education

  notice related heading links:  Early Childhood Education

1          -- See Also the narrower term Education, Preschool

Here are entered works on the structured education of children before entering kindergarten or grade 1 in elementary school. Works on activities and schooling that are intended to effect developmental changes in children from birth through elementary grade 3 are entered under Early childhood education

--subdivision Education (Preschool) under classes of persons and ethnic groups; and subdivision Study and teaching (Preschool) under names of individual corporate bodies, names of places, ethnic groups, and topical headings, e.g. Science--Study and teaching (Preschool)

2          -- See Also Education, Primary

Here are entered works on education limited to grades one through three or four. Works on education in grades one through six or eight are entered under Education, Elementary

--subdivision Education (Primary) under classes of persons and ethnic groups; and subdivision Study and teaching (Primary) under subjects, e.g. Science--Study and teaching (Primary)

3          -- See Also Kindergarten

Children of Divorced Parents

Poor Children-subdivided


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    childr* will search for child, child's, children, childrearing...

Use Boolean Operators to improve results

    or    either word will be retrieved   
          child* or infant*

    and   both words must be in the result   parent* and infant*

   and (or)   to combine related terms 

    attachment  and (mother*  or father* or  parent*)

Begin with keywords, move to formal Subjects

   Find a good source with keyword searching
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