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FSCHE 201: Research Methods in Chemistry  

Spring 2017
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Decipher these citations

Learn to interpret and deconstruct what you find on the web and in print resources:

For each example, identify the source type (book, book chapter, journal article, etc.) and how you would go about obtaining the item.

1.  GULDAN, E. D., SCHINDLER, L. R., & ROBERTS, J. T. (1995). Growth and characterization of sulfuric-acid under ultrahigh-vacuum. Journal of Physical Chemistry, 99(43), 16059-16066. doi:10.1021/j100043a054


2.  Van Horn, Ryan M.; Cheng, Stephen Z. D. Crystallization in Polymer Thin Films: Morphology and Growth. In Polymer Thin Films; Tsui, O. K. C., Russell, T. P., Eds.; World Scientific: New York, 2008


3.  Van Horn, Ryan M.; Zheng, Joseph X.; Sun, Hao-Jan; Hsiao, Ming-Siao; Zhang, Wen-Bin; Dong, Xuehui; Xu, Junting; Thomas, Edwin L.; Lotz, Bernard; Cheng, Stephen Z. D. “Solution Crystallization Behavior of Crystalline-Crystalline Diblock Copolymers of Poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(e-caprolactone)Macromolecules 201043, 6113

4..  Rauzan, B., McMichael, E., Cave, R., Sevcik, L. R., Ostrosky, K., Whitman, E., . . . Deckert, A. A. (2013). Kinetics and thermodynamics of DNA, RNA, and hybrid duplex formation. Biochemistry, 52(5), 765-772. doi:10.1021/bi3013005


5.  Gomez-Cabrera, M.-C., Martínez-Costa, C. and Sastre, J. (2011) Poverty, in The Chemical Element: Chemistry's Contribution to Our Global Future, First Edition (eds J. Garcia-Martinez and E. Serrano-Torregrosa), Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, Germany. doi: 10.1002/9783527635641.ch3

Klopries, S., Koopmans, K. R. M., Sanchez-Garcia, E. and Schulz, F. (2014), Biosynthesis with Fluorine. ChemBioChem, 15: 495–497. doi: 10.1002/cbic.201300750


Web of Science Tutorials

 Web of Science Training Links

Website of complete library of training videos and print handouts


Web of Science: Step by Step

  Searching the Web of Science

We will practice searching by topic (keywords) and by cited references.

Topic Search:    ("uv-vis" or "ultraviolet-visible") and spectro*

                 Refine options are on the left. Here are some to try:
                   Search within the results--> word catalys* must occur somewhere in the article record.   

                 Refine by article type= review article--->
                                                         Research Areas  - include or exclude
                                                         Publication Years  

  • Web of Science orders the results list by publication date.  You may change the order if you wish.  What happens when you use the "times cited" option?

  • When you are viewing a single record             

                Author names are hot linked, click to see other papers by this author.

  View the cited references for this paper

  Cited by:  Right of page:  See all papers in Web of Science citing this article

  Analyse results                

  Citation Map:  view a graphical relation between two papers.



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